Congratulations Joel Raminitis World UFE & ANB National Champion 2015

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ANB Australia - Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

From everyone at ANB Australia we wish each of you a safe and Happy Christmas. On behalf of Robert Powell himself I know he would wish you all safe t...

ANB UFE World Championships Results

On November 9th, Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) brought a show like no other to the natural fitness world. Held at one of Canada’s most prestigio...

ANB Australia Team At The World Championships

"To all 28 ANB Australian competitors that competed at the UFE world titles, The entire ANB family is extremely proud of your effort, results, and the...

UFE World Champions Judging Panel.

We are happy to announce the judging panel for the UFE World Championships, taking place THIS Sunday in Toronto: Mike Clement - Head Judge, UFE (Cana...


At ANB we love to give our Athletes OPPORTUNITY and choice of competitions to enter,we want you guys to do as many shows as you can.You have put in th...

2015 dates for ANBSA Released

With the recent Team SA domination at the ANB Nationals and for the SA Athletes that will be competing at the UFE on the Biggest Stage next week in Ca...

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