Sean started his journey into the fitness industry after being named one of the “Top 2000 Finishers” in the 2000 Body-for-LIFE Challenge out of more than 1,000,000 worldwide entries. The next year he went on to win a national junior bodybuilding title.

Taking some time off the fitness competition scene himself, Sean then took to changing the lives of others as a personal trainer. Some of his notable achievements include, never having a bodybuilding competitor he has trained finish out of a top 3 position, training Elite figure and bikini competitors and training industry stars such as Pro Fitness Models Michelle Hannan, Karen-Lisa Borders and Oxygen cover model, Ashley Harrison. Sean has also always sought to educate himself as much as possible. In addition to being a Chancellor’s Scholar in McMaster University’s Kinesiology program and holding numerous certifications, he has also gained the practical knowledge of working with and learning from some of the top fitness trainers and competitors in the world. With his combination of achievements and credentials, Sean himself has become one of the most sought after trainers in Canada.

In 2005, Sean began working with another organization and brought the concept of Halloween Mayhem to the industry. With one of the most unique themes in the fitness show circuit, Halloween Mayhem became one of the most successful shows in the organization. Sean continued to run nearly 10 shows as part of the organization until late 2006. Some of his achievements include: working as the Event Director for two of the biggest shows on the world tour, securing a 1 hour television airing of Halloween Mayhem ‘05, being awarded the “Hamilton Celebrates VIP Award” from the Mayor of the City of Hamilton for bringing a successful event to Hamilton, establishing some of the most prominent main stream media coverage for competitors in the entire fitness industry and securing a promotional appearance for competitors and the fitness organization on the biggest radio show in the world, The Howard Stern Show. Above all else, Sean earned himself a reputation of honesty and someone who is always truly there for the competitors.

Sean still currently trains fitness competitors and combat athletes as the owner of Elite Fitness Training Systems. He is also currently a competitive boxer and nationally certified boxing coach. As the President of Ultimate Fitness Events, Sean can now bring forth his full vision for what a fitness competition should be!

You can learn more about Sean on his personal website: www.seaneveringham.com

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With so many organizations out there these days, it is beginning to become a daunting task for competitors to find the right organization to compete in that will meet their desires, whether it be to get huge exposure, amazing prizes or just to have a blast getting on stage and showing everyone how hard they have worked to achieve the physique they are presenting. Here’s why we believe UFE stands out among the rest.

Compete Naturally! – We’re not here to judge anyone, but facts are facts – the costs of competing at the highest level when using steroids and related drugs are incredible and for all that cost, the side effects that come with some of the drugs that competitors rely on can be deadly. We are giving competitors an opportunity, not just to look good on the outside, but to be healthy on the inside by competing without performance enhancing drugs. We are giving competitors who choose to compete without the assistance of drugs a fair playing field. We conduct random drug testing at every show to ensure that our stage stays as clean as possible – we use the best drug testing protocols, a top lab, and we are completely transparent about our tests; even publishing the lab reports right onto the website to assure people we are doing what we say we’re doing.

Real Opportunity! – We want our competitors to reach the pinnacle of success in the industry and we work hard to ensure this! We have established relationships in the industry with some of the top photographers, supplement companies and magazines in the business. Because of this our competitors have been seen in national marketing campaigns for companies such as MuscleTech and Revolution Nutrition and in magazines from Oxygen Magazine to Reps! Magazine and even international magazines. In fact, almost no other organization has the same record for gaining their competitors exposure as UFE. We also give our competitors an opportunity to compete at all levels from Open (beginner) level shows to Professional level competition with the top competitors from across North America and the world. Our Professional division is unmatched in terms of exposure and prizes with the show being broadcast worldwide each year and prize packages for our PRO’s now topping $15,000 including cash, supplement contracts, photoshoots, magazine exposure and more!

The Ultimate Fitness Experience! – From the time you first communicate with a UFE staff member, to the time you leave a UFE event, our goal is to give you the best competition experience possible. Leading up to an event, we are always available and happy to answer your questions, no matter how big or small and we will do so within 24 hours of you sending us your feedback. At our contest preparation seminars, we ensure all of our future competitors are armed with all the tools and the knowledge they will need in order to do their very best on stage and feel comfortable. Finally, our unmatched stage production is designed to make every competitor feel like a star and proud to have their family and friends watching them. UFE prides itself on making our events as dazzling, entertaining, fun and well run as possible. But don’t take our word for it, come out and join us at our next event!

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How Do I Qualify With ANB For The Worlds?

To assist all athletes & alleviate athlete stress with planning (time away from work / tertiary education, flights, accommodation, passport, etc.), any athlete who competes at the ANB Australian Championship will now qualify to compete at the UFE World Championship. This will apply yearly with the exemptions remaining as per previous & below.

Below is the amended qualification.

All shows except for the ANB Australian Championship;

Overall winners (Figure, Physique & Bodybuilding) qualify to compete in the UFE World Championship Elite division.

Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model division winners qualify to compete in the UFE World Championship Elite Division

All other qualification is via the ANB Australian Championship (listed below).

Athletes, who choose to compete at the annual ANB Australian Championship must qualify by competing via their respective State Championship.

NSW athletes are exempt from pre qualification via State Championship (no NSW State Championship) as Australian Championship are held in NSW & therefore eligible to enter directly into the Australian Championship.

ANB Australian Championship / UFE World Championship Qualification;

ANB athlete’s qualification (Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model) for the UFE Tier System is as follows in the Elite and Professional divisions;

Elite = any athlete who competes at ANB Australian Championship

Professional = ANB Overall Australian Champion (Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding)

Professional = ANB Australian Champion (Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model)

Exceptions for the above are as follows;

Any previous ANB Australian Champion from any division or age division

Any previous ANB Overall Australian Champion (Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding)

Written request to relevant State Director with written approval granted by relevant State Director. State Director forward the written approval to myself.

The ANB Team Australia for the 2015 UFE World Championship will be finalised in the weeks following the ANB Australian Championship. 

Those athletes wanting to be a part of ANB Team Australian must confirm their attendance by registration / payment for the event with the UFE website www.ufeshows.com prior to departure for the event.

All athlete enquiries for the UFE World Championship are through this page or myself direct. I ask that you all please follow this protocol to ensure an accurate & clear line of communication.

Please refrain for direct correspondence to the UFE as any correspondence will be returned. As you all can imagine, UFE President Mr Sean Everingham along with his staff have a large workload prior to the event.

I wish all the athletes every success & thank you for choosing compete at the UFE World Championship in Toronto Canada.

UFE World Championship athlete information;

All information can be obtained via the following;

UFE website www.ufeshows.com

UFE World Championship Facebook page

Please take the time to read & familiarise yourself with all UFE requirements.

ANB Australia World Championship Information Facebook page


Murray Graham

ANB International General Secretary