Competitors please check with your competition promoter for all details. Criteria may vary state to state.
Membership is required to compete at a state level and is valid from Jan – Dec of each year. Renewable from January or prior to our first show you enter with your events promoter.

How to qualify to compete at the world championships with our partner federation UFE shows ….

UFE | ANB Tier System

As one of the world’s leading drug tested organizations, UFE has adopted a tier system in order to differentiate the different levels of competitors that exist based on physical and experiential achievements.

There are 3 levels of competition in the UFE organisation: Open,Elite and Professional

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The following is the ANB qualification criteria to compete at the UFE World Titles each year.

  • Overall winners (Figure & Bodybuilding) at Regional or State Championships qualify to compete in the UFE World Championships Elite division.
  • Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model division winners at Regional or State Championships qualify to compete in the UFE World Championships Elite Division
  • All other qualification is via the ANB Australian Championships (listed below)

Athletes who choose to compete at the annual ANB Australian Championships, must qualify by competing via their respective State Titles.

ANB athletes qualification (Figure, Bodybuilding, Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model) for the UFE Tier System is as follows in the Open, Elite and Professional divisions; Elite = top 3 at Australian Championships

Professional = Overall Australian Champions (Figure, Bodybuilding)

Professional = Australian Champion (Swimsuit Model, Fitness Model, Muscle Model)


Exceptions for the above are as follows;

  • Any previous Australian Champion from any division or age division
  • Any previous Overall Australian Champion (Figure & Bodybuilding)
  • Written request to relevant State Director with written approval granted by State

UFE is very proud to announce that the ANB will now be our international affiliate in Australia and shows will be co-sanctioned by UFE. Competitors in Australia may qualify for UFE Elite and PRO status through their events and UFE Professional and Elite Division competitors will be invited to compete at the Asia Pacific International ChampionshipsANB competitions allow competitors from the age of 16 years of age to compete. Bodybuilding is a sport that is a lifestyle and a way of life. Anyone can become a bodybuilder.

ANB competitions are a stage that has given past and present competitors a goal at the end of a time frame chosen to show off all the hard training and lifestyle change that the person has achieved.

The benefits are that the competitor gains better health, discipline and confidence within and the bonus is that the physical appearance can be shown off on stage infront of family, friends, sponsors and interested parties that attend these shows.

It is a way to become a role model for those that do know the athlete in the gym, home, work, or up on stage!

Individuals of all ages, newcomers to PROS, are invited to compete as a bodybuilder, figure, model or fitness competitors. It is important to work out which division you are aiming for and train and plan accordingly to your goal.

For bodybuilders and Figure ladies, judges are looking for defined, well developed musculature; balance among muscle groups; good posture; great posing, a defined lean physique with symmetrical upper and lower body development, and outstanding stage presence. Competitors are assessed on their  body symmetry, posing presentation, and routine performance.

Muscle separation, visible ab development, hard conditioning and significant muscular development is expected. Conditioning, dryness, presentation, audience connection and muscular development are also important elements and are considered as part of the overall package.

Contact your events promoter for all information as each state promoter may have slightly different running orders and division criteria.

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