About Us

Mike Lee has been a bodybuilder and personal trainer for more than a decade. He also manages a successful vitamin and supplement business which has a retail shop in Burwood called Mike’s Discount Vitamins & Supplements and an online store called Supplements Online.

Mike started weightlifting and training for fitness in his teens, and also worked in a supplement store where he learned about good nutrition, supplementation, and training. His knowledge and passion for the sport continued to develop and after several years he opened his own supplement store and set his goal on participating in the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) competitions. Mike successfully competed to take home several ANB trophies including 70 Kgs & Under and Men’s Novice.

Following his personal success, Mike was more than happy to share his tips and techniques with other young and novice bodybuilders, many of whom also came to his store to buy their supplements. He started working with a group of enthusiastic bodybuilding competitors that proudly call themselves “Mike’s Team”. In 2009 there were about 30 competitors on Mike’s Team, and the number of competitors (and trophies) continues to grow each season. Mike personally trains and advises everyone on his team to help them achieve their goals and optimum performance. Mike’s expertise in sports and nutrition has led to practitioners of other sporting codes such as football, tennis, marathon, and martial arts seeking his advice and guidance.

Mike’s Team is a strong supporter of the bodybuilding community and has been a major sponsor of the ANB since 2006. If you’re interested in finding out more about Mike’s Team or getting advice on supplements, feel free to post in the forums or stop by the store if you happen to be in Sydney.

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