I really wanted to extend my thanks to the team at ANB for the Shellharbour competition on the weekend!!

It was my first experience with the ANB federation and with the sport of body building, and it was the most amazing day!! I couldn’t have asked for a better experienced. I was quite aprehensive initially at the idea of competiting as I did not know many people who had ever gone down that path, however after meeting Maria from ANB in Melbourne earlier on in the year I felt that I could acheive the nessacary physique and that the ANB seemed like a federation I would like to be affiliated with.

I chose the Shellharbour competition as the date gave me enough time to work towards my goal and I also assumed it would be a small, regional show. How I was wrong!! The show was HUGE and it completely blew me away at the amount of competitors AND audience!

Moreover, I felt extremely welcomed by all the back stage Totalee staff and the judges and officials. Each ANB representitive came up to me at one point in the day and shook my hand and congratulated me on my win. Even before I had won I had made contact with a couple of them and they had all been extremely positive and given words of encouragemented.

I am sure it is not an easy task to coordinate events such as these and having run my own fitness business I know that a lot of what gets done behind the scenes does not always get recognised. However I have nothing but praise for the ANB and think Sunday’s show was extremely professional and I would like to be involved with more ANB events.

So thank you to the entire team, I will continue to compete within the ANB federation and I will pass on my positive experience to those whom I speak to 🙂

— Olivia Bartlett-Marques