Firstly I would like to say thank you to our ANB family for providing us athletes the experience and opportunity to do what we do best! Your class and act year round is untouchable which is why I know I will always compete for the ANB and will be my #1 federation!!! Keep up the endless work u guys do for us because we can never thank u guys.

As appose with my personal own success this year i’m proud to be crowned Mr Asia Pacifc International. After 5 months of preparation under the guidance of Mike Lee, the journey was certainly worthwhile making life long friends, catching up old ones as well as claiming:

1st place u70kgs South Coast Championships

3rd place u70kgs Sydney Championships

2nd place Short class Asia Pacific International

1st place U65kgs Asia Pacific International

It’s been a week now since I’ve won my second prestigious title (first being Mr Australia in 2011 and second Asia Pacific International in 2013) with a well renowned natural bodybuilding organisation the Australasia Natural Bodybuilding, the ANB!

Everyone knows that a bodybuilding competition is not evident without its athletes; however more needs to be recognised for the efforts about the people behind the scenes to allow us athletes to showcase what we do and to become what we are today.

First and foremost on behalf of all ANB athletes, we want to thank our ANB President Mr Robert Powell for creating this opportunity for us athletes to showcase our passion to the wider community and world.

To our fellow ANB judges General Secretary Murray Graham, Head Judge Philip Lehner, Terri Stone, Ryan Loas, Russell, Rachael, Michelle, Joanne-booth, Maria Mc Carter your continuous efforts in both guidance and expertise in this sport will not be forgotten. This allows us to improve as athletes as well as role models within the health and fitness industry.

Without the efforts of these guys, there will be no titles, no trophies, no exposure, and no opportunity to showcase our passion.

— Your ANB champion Graden Leong