Athlete Profile

Georgie Rugless

01 What was your purpose to wanting to compete?

I had wanted to compete for a year or so prior to stepping on stage. I always thought “I could never do that” however I switched my mind set to “if not me then who” and that was a game changer. I set the challenge to myself for myself and made myself proud. I suffered from an eating disorder in my late teens/ early twenties and there was a turning point in my mind where I wanted to change the direction of my life and my health which meant going to the gym- I was hooked! Watching your body develop and change in a positive way is extremely empowering especially for a female.


02 Who was your biggest influencer in the sport and why?

Very obvious- my partner Ben! He introduced me to the body building/ fitness industry however never pushed me or made me do anything I didn’t want to do. His dedication and work ethic is something most people only dream of, and this inspired me immensely. I am always inspired by him and his success in body building and coaching. I have never come across a coach who is as caring and thorough as Ben.


03 Talk a bit about your coach & how important he/she is?

Throughout my prep for my first competing season, Nathan Wallace guided me to the stage and truely helped me both physically and mentally while always ensuring health was #1. His knowledge of the sport especially natural athletes is incredible. Fortunately I also had my partner Ben to help me every step of the way also.


04 Any advice you can give some starting off in the sport?

The best piece of advice I can give to a first time competitor is to enjoy the stage and have so much fun up there- let your personality shine on stage. I LOVED every second of being on stage, and I think that is so important as you have worked so hard to get to that one day- so enjoy it and make lots of friends

05 How was your ANB experience?

I loved competing with ANB. The communication and ease around comp day was fantastic and definitely reassuring when the nerves start kicking in! Their are endless possibilities with ANB and leading into DFAC their international federation. Show day is supposed to be enjoyable, which is exactly what ANB ensure


06 What show will you be looking at doing next?

I will be giving myself a year of growth to ensure the next time I step on stage my body is ready and the package I can bring is a stand out in the pro level.
I will be competing in the ANB pro show-fitness , DFAC-fitness, and IFBB bikini in 2023.
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