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01 What was your purpose to wanting to compete?

What naturally drove me to compete was my thirst for competition, with the addition of focusing on a sport that involves harnessing the ability to control and master both the mind and the body. Being a rugby league player for over 15 years, then moving swiftly into the Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer, I had to make a decision on what appeared to be moreso a priority. Pursuing a career in Rugby League would’ve been a highlight, but priorities had set in, so I chose to harness my devotion towards helping others achieve their fitness and health aspirations.
This inevitably led me towards the sport of bodybuilding. More importantly, natural bodybuilding. A dear friend of mine had completed the year after retirement from Rugby League, which opened up my idea for trying something completely outside of my comfort zone. Being an avid gymgoer for already over 7 years, I wanted something more than just walking in and out of training every day, having some form of short term/long term goal to work towards.
With the motivation, encouragement, and inspiration of my fellow friends and family, I decided to pursue a hobby in b=natural bodybuilding in the year of 2013 being the ANB National titles. Having no coach at the time with almost no understanding of the sport, including posing requirements, tanning, nutrition, and cardio protocols, I managed to place 3rd in the Open’s u/80kg category, and from then on it was an absolute passion of mine to continue pursuing and competing in this amazing sport for which I am forever grateful for!

02 Who was your biggest influencer in the sport and why?

My biggest influencer in the sport would have to be my dear friends Antonio Maroun, who not only was my fellow training partner when we first started training back when we were in University but had decided to compete in the year 2012, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in natural bodybuilding. He is one of the most humble men I know, a father of 3, and will one day hit the stage together. My other personal influencer would have to be literally whom I call my brother, Robin Theodore. A member of the SAS and the most humble and gentlemen around, he has the mindset of a warrior, and with that mindset, it had eventually rubbed off onto me. Like he always says “humble men always win”. I could not agree more!

03 Talk a bit about your coach & how important he/she is?

It’s hard to say I have a full-time coach, more so I have the amazing people around supporting me. I’m quite unorthodox compared to the other bodybuilders out there, who have full-time coaches and are monitored every day. Rather, I keep myself accountable with my nutrition as I do not count calories, nor do I track macros, I have integrated bodybuilding into a lifestyle which I will always be grateful for. This is the same mentality I wish to convey to others, not just in bodybuilding, but to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle through the avenue of health and fitness. Robin Theodore would be considered my coach as he assesses my cardio program while I take care of my nutrition and cardio protocols. We work as a great team who I am proud to call my brother not by blood, but by choice!

04 Any advice you can give some starting off in the sport?

The main piece of advice to give to any pone out there considering competing, is to ensure you are not only an avid gym enthusiast but able to master the mind as this particular sport will push boundaries you never dreamt of. To me, its all about sustainability and longevity. So the offseason shouldn’t be a dramatic change to when prepping. In essence, bodybuilding is a lifestyle! There’s never a “right time” to compete. You just gotta get out there and expose yourself. Be vulnerable and step outside your comfort zone! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

05 How was your ANB experience?

My ANB experience was like none other! Sensational from 2013 up until now, the team and family at ANB have not only been supportive but encouraging for the seniors and the up and coming new athletes. The ANB is not just a bodybuilding federation, but more importantly a family. Upholding the most integrity and professionalism within the bodybuilding community to provide drug-free competitors the most amazing experience of a lifetime! I can vouch for this as I’ve competed in other federations, and it’s safe to say ANB is tremendous for going above and beyond their athletes!

06 What show will you be looking at doing next?

Due to the current landscape, being affected by COVID-19 has presented many challenges. Most competitions were canceled this year, even myself doubting whether I’d compete. Fortunately, NSW has been blessed with allowing competitions to run on schedule and I will be privileged enough to compete in the ANB Nationals on November 14th. I hope to see you all there!


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