A slightly softer, X shape physique compared to the female fitness class. Judged on condition, symmetry, shape and presentation. Bikinis athletes still have to look like they train

Competitors should be lean enough to show an outline / lines of abdominals but not a full six pack.

Overall we are looking for an X shape physique, full shoulders without separation and with a taper from the lats that match the hammies, glutes and quad development.

Tight, full and well Rounded glutes with visible hamstring tie ins however no separation.

Judges are looking for the complete package with great stage presence, overall beauty and confidence.

  • Athletes are required to do one individual TWALK¬† at the start of the show, followed by group half turns per category.
  • Reminder we ask all female fitness and bikini to pose with their arms down at the side not outwards for best judgement of shape and symmetry.

Beginner, Novice, Under 25, Over 25, Over 35, Open, Womens Bikini Overall

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