In this division we are looking for a well-muscled physique with big muscle bellies and symmetry top to bottom. Matching muscularity from lower to upper.

The Sports competitor should have more muscle than that of a female bikini athlete. From the bottom we are looking for muscular legs with quad line detail in the front pose. Tight & Muscular glutes with matching hamstrings. In the Mid section there should be at a minimum oblique detail and a six pack abdomen is also acceptable in this category (Unlike Bikini)

Up top the athlete should have capped delts but no striations , a wide and muscular back.

Athletes will wear ANB sports model tops and bottoms with runners.

Beginner, Novice
U25, O25, O35

The female sports division can cross over to the female fitness division*

Round one – Athletes come out and do an in TWALK 3 of your favourite poses at each point

Round 2 – Compulsory half turns and comparisons

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