Marcus Flanagan has competed at an elite and professional level in various disciplines ranging from basketball, to competitive bodybuilding, to professional cage fighting(C.F.C and Gladiators Fight Series).

He started his bodybuilding journey as a way to get stronger for sport and soon fell in love with training and how you could see your discipline rewarded with clear results.


Some of his Competition Experience includes:

ANB 2002Teenage Sydney Titles 3rd place

ANB 2002 Teenage National titles 2nd place

ANB 2007 U/90kg  South Coast Titles 2nd place

ANB 2007 U/90 kg Sydney Titles 2nd place

ANB 2021 Classic Physique NSW Titles 2nd Place Tall Class

ANB 2021 Classic Physique NSW Titles 2nd PLace Open Class


20+ years of experience competing and coaching in the fitness, boxing, grappling and mixed martial arts industry. Marcus has been fortunate to work with people from all levels including professional athletes looking for peak performance improvements as well as those with general health and fitness goals and people battling injuries and disabilities. I love going to work each day!

Fun fact

Marcus played an underground cage fighter in the 2021 Marvel Film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Words of wisdom

At the end of our lives we will regret what we didn’t do..NOT what we DID do. So always “have a go”..even if something scares you…and never let others put limitations on you.

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