Tom, one of Australia’s leading educators in health and fitness and a respected ANB judge, sheds light on an issue often overlooked. The industry, vibrant with clients and opportunities for growth, is unfortunately sometimes clouded by unnecessary toxicity. Tom advocates for a culture shift, highlighting the importance of resolution and unity over conflict and division.

He encourages engagement and support within the community—liking, sharing, and acknowledging good work goes a long way. Tom has always emphasized the value of integrity, encouraging us to recognize those who stand by us, and to stay aware of fair-weather friends who disappear when the going gets tough.

Life brings supporters and detractors in equal measure, and a contentious past with someone doesn’t preclude a cooperative future. He believes that we’re stronger as a collective. Collaboration and support can transform the competitive landscape into a community of professionals thriving together. It’s Tom’s belief that by fostering this spirit of camaraderie and networking, we can collectively dilute the toxicity and pave the way for a more supportive industry

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