View requirements to see how you can compete in the Elite level

The Elite level is open to competitors who have qualified from any UFE event according to the criteria listed in the “Open Level,” any ANB Australia event according to the criteria set forth by the ANB or any qualified Pro competitor from another organization. Competitors are qualified for Elite level status for a 2 contest season period from the time in which they qualify (including the contest season in which they qualify). Should a competitor fail to re-qualify for Elite status in that 2 year period, they will revert to being an Open level competitor again. Elite competitors can re-qualify for Elite status by receiving a top placing at an Open UFE or ANB event again, or by achieving a top 5 placing in a UFE Elite level competition.

Elite level competitors are permitted to compete at the Open level as well.

There are no height or weight divisions within most Elite level categories as we are simply looking for the best of the best competitors to move onto the Professional level. At the UFE World Championships, a Masters division for all Elite level categories will be featured.

The Glamour category is unique in that it will feature both short and tall height classes at the Elite level provided that there are 10 or more competitors in the category.

  • Top 3 Elite competitors at the UFE World Championships
  • 1st place Masters Elite competitors at the UFE World Championships
  • Top 2 Elite competitors at any other Elite level event.

*ANB Australia competitors qualify for UFE PRO status based on the criteria set forth by the ANB





View the requirements to see how you can compete in the Pro level.

UFE’s PRO level is the pinnacle of success within the realm of natural fitness competition. Our PRO competitors are of the highest caliber and the cash and prizes awarded to our PROs are a reflection of this fact. Our PROs will be a force in the industry, being heavily marketed by UFE to the many connections we have established in the industry and as UFE continues to grow, the opportunities that will be available to our competitors are endless. These opportunities will involve massive exposure and, in some cases, significant cash compensation. Our PRO competitors will be awarded the most impressive PRO cards in the industry, real silver cards!

As our international affiliate, Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) competitors may qualify to compete in UFE’s Elite or PRO levels based on the criteria of the ANB. As an Elite or PRO level competitor, ANB competitors may compete at any UFE show featuring these levels, including the UFE World Championships. For those wishing to compete at UFE’s PRO level, mandatory membership dues apply. For more information about ANB’s qualification criteria, visit their website.

There are no age, height or weight divisions within the PRO level categories.