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Inspiring People to Shine

Inspiring People to Shine


To give athletes a venue in which they can compete, and be treated with the utmost professionalism. We will continue to promote health and fitness within the communities. We seek to raise a standard in bodybuilding, fitness, and modeling, and give athletes an unlimited opportunity with sponsors, competitions throughout Australia and exposure in various media outlets where possible.



The Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ANB) was formed in 1983 by Robert Powell who was a young man who had a passion for all sports, especially sports that required strength training. In those days Robert owned supplement stores in Sydney.

Now more than two and a half decades later proudly having introduced numerous World and Australian Champions, we’re proud of our firmly structured organisation. Leading the way forward for our industry, we’re supporting our continually growing membership base. Focussed on creating a platform for athletes to achieve their goals and enabling them to create their own history.

Proud of our heritage and inspired by our future, as we continue to deliver sold out shows and with growing competitor numbers across competitions in every Australian state.

We have a firm and respected anti-drug policy where we will continue to support natural athletes as much as possible to give them an even playing field on stage.

All ANB athletes both amateurs and pros are qualified to join Team Australia at the DFAC worlds.


ANB Australia Anti-Doping Policy

As we head into competition season, all athletes are reminded that anti-doping testing will be taking place at all events across the country.

Athletes are reminded that ANB is a natural competition and we have a strict no tolerance policy to doping.

ANB Australia has a strong and determined vision for a Clean and Fair Competition for all ANB Australian Athletes.

If you are found to be in violation of the ANB Anti-doping policy severe action will be taken, including but not limited to suspension and loss of titles.

We look forward to a fair and clean competition as we continue our high standard of testing.

Yours in sport ANB Australia

Our Values
01  We are family.
Everything we do at ANB is about supporting our athletes and all involved in getting them on stage. We passionately focus our energy, supporting and inspiring the whole ANB team to move forward.
02  Passion for competition.
We’re a community built of passionate individuals, who understand competition and what it takes to compete. The ANB provides the stage for the community to live the vibe, the fun and the achievement.
03  Goals make gains.
We believe in relentlessly pursuing your goals. Setting and achieving goals is a fundamental part of the ANB. All goals worth pursing require drive and dedication – the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. We’re all about human progress.
04  Genuine ethics.
We’re truthful and honest in every aspect of business. Our be human approach ensures we respect, recognise and support all partners, suppliers, athletes and team members – we give back to those we owe our success to everyday.
05  Invoke aspiration.
We know that the stage is the result of hard work recognised. We celebrate successes of all who stand, we create meaning by telling their stories. This sharing of their journies is exciting the next wave of athletes, we’re inspiring the next generation to achieve.
06  Fueling innovation.
We use our confidence and experience to lead the way. Encouraging and delivering new experiences. We’re confident not cocky, proud of our history, and inspired by our future. Leading the way forward for our industry.
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