To win an ANB Pro Card you must be the overall winner in your category at any of the below competitions. You are then eligible to compete as a Pro Athlete at any ANB Pro Competition:

  • ANB National / Pro AM Event
  • DFAC Worlds Event

Every athlete receives the opportunity to compete for an ANB Pro card on the day of the state or national competition. It is up to the discretion of the ANB Head Judge and Judging
Panel as to whether a Pro Card is awarded. All athletes who are awarded the ANB Pro Card are expected to be at a Pro Athlete Level of conditioning and training.

*This is to be covered at pre show athlete briefing.

Conditions of
an ANB Pro Card

  • Your Pro card is relevant to the division you won it in and is valid for 12 months from the date you either win or renew it to keep your membership active.
  • Renewal fee is $175.00 which includes your Pro Card Renewal AND your ANB Membership for the following 12 months from the date of renewal.
  • If you choose not to renew you will forfeit your Pro Card and you are eligible to compete as an amateur. You will then have to re-qualify to become a Pro Athlete again if you wish to compete as a Pro in the future.
  • If you choose to compete with another Federation you must also compete in one ANB Pro Show within that same year
  • You are free to compete (and retain your ANB Pro Card) with other natural bodybuilding federations during the term of this agreement pursuant to point 4 above.
  • You can cancel your ANB Pro Status at any time by notifying Jenny Nohra, Managing Director ANB Australia in writing and by also returning your ANB Pro Card.
  • As an ANB Pro you may be asked to do guest appearances at ANB Pro Shows within the 12 month time frame of your active membership.
  • Cost for pro athlete to enter ANB pro show is $350.00
  • Cost for amateur winners to go through to the pro divisions is $250.00

ANB Pro Athletes 2018-2019

  • Becca Moore

    Ms. Fitness Australia Pro / Fitness Model

  • Linda Coleman

    ANB / UFE Bikini Pro

  • Jess - Gisella

    ANB Pro Fitness Model

  • Kim Parrott

    UFE Figure/Physique Pro

  • Bjorn Reed

    UFE Mens Fitness/Physique and Classic Physique Pro Athlete

  • Philip Babitsky

    Overall Bodybuilding Title NZ Show

  • Nadema Nakhl

    ANB / OCEANIA Figure Pro

  • Narelle Tobin

    ANB / UNIVERSE Figure Pro

  • Nicolas Gala


  • David Bergwerf

    Pro Physique

  • Melinda Theore

    Pro ANB / UNIVERSE Fitness Model

  • Belinda Lyons

    Pro Figure UNIVERSE

  • Dean Masters


  • Bianca Ladurner

    ANB PRO Figure

  • Ryan Laos

    ANB / UNIVERSE / INBA Olympia Pro Bodybuilder

  • Murray Calcutt

    Muscle model ANB universe

  • Taylah Brown

    Swimsuit Model ANB Universe

  • Alexandra Xavier

    UFE fitness model champion

  • Matthew Stow

    Fitness Model ANB New Zealand International

  • Tim Martin

    ANB Pro, OCB Pro, ICN Pro and PNBA Pro

  • Janina Hamelock

    Physique ANB Universe

  • Kathy Isaacson

    Figure pro


Whether you’re ready to become a 2018 ANB member, or you’re a renewing or a registering for your Pro-Card membership You’re in the right place. ANB Membership is a requirement for any contentant at an ANB event.
Your yearly membership registration fee costs $175

  • Please indicate (tick) your type of membership:
  • I am fully aware that the ANB organisation has entered in to a drug testing agreement and I am prepared to provide a urine sample for the purposes of analysis for the detection of banned substances at any time when requested. I will be present for the entire show to undertake any such testing required and I am aware that failure to show up or provide a sample will disqualify me from the competition and any monies paid will not be refunded or reimbursed. I fully understand that a condition of entering this contest was that I have not taken any banned substance prior to this competition and should I produce a positive test to a prohibited drug, I will be liable to reimburse the costs of the testing, will renounce any title, placing, prizes and trophies awarded and also accept the sanctions imposed by the ANB. I consent to the use of any photographs, video recording or other images taken or recorded at this event by the ANB or its promoters, in any magazine, broadcast transmission or any other printed or electronic media for the purposes of promoting this or future events, the ANB or nominees or their promoters.

  • Price: $ 175.00
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