(Athletes in the classic division have the option to participate in bodybuilding or physique)

If groups are larger we will split into two divisions both short and tall. Short being under 173cm & tall over 173.1cm

Individual T walk with favourite classic physique style posing (3 max) on each point. There will then be symmetry rounds followed by muscular round and judges comparisons if needed.

All file back for your quarter turn comparisons and then your muscular round.

  • Front double bicep
  • Side Chest
  • Side Tricep
  • Rear Bicep
  • Abdominal & Thighs

Optional Posing Routine: Athletes to provides 60/90 second music track in mp3 and provided on a usb stick can also be emailed to the DJ of your event.

Judges will be looking muscularity, (not as muscular and conditioned as bodybuilding) symmetry, portion, shape & stage presence.

Black Euro Shorts Only.


Beginner, Short under 173cm, Tall over 173.1cm, Open, Novice, Classic Physique Overall

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