(Athletes in the Physique division have the option to participate in Classic)

Male Physique will do one individual TWALK at the start of the show, with a maximum of 3 poses on each point, followed by 2 Group Judging Rounds (Symmetry and Muscularity). During the Group Symmetry round, Athletes will go through ½ turn comparisons (Front relaxed, Rear).

During the Group Muscularity Round, Athletes will go through the 5 compulsory muscularity poses (Front Abdominal, Side Chest, Side Tricep, Rear Double Bicep and Front Double Bicep). Judges are looking for X-Shape muscular physique (bigger than Mens Fitness) with round-built shoulders and V-Taper, including a visual 6-pack and hard mid-section.

Symmetry, shape, stage presence and confidence are all essential for this division.

Athletes will be able to wear their chosen Boardshorts.

Beginner, Novice, Under 25, Over 25, Over 35, Open, Mens Physique Model Overall

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